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What is fbload.com ?

FbLoad.com is the fastest and easiest Facebook Video Downloader. With fbload.com you are able to download videos from facebook for free.

How To Use Fbload ?

How to download facebook videos ?

It is very easy process to download videos from facebook. Just follow our instructions.

facebook video download
  • Open a Facebook Video
  • Copy the facebook video link
  • You can copy the link from url bar or just click on 3 dots and click 'copy link'.
  • In mobile, you need to click on 3 dots and copy the link
download fb videos
  • Now come back to fbload.
  • Paste the fb video link in input bar and click on 'Download' button.
facebook video downloader
  • Your video is ready to download
  • Just select the download option and download your fb video.

Features of fb video downloader

1. It is a free tool. You can download facebook videos for free

2. Very easy to download fb videos from here.

3. It is a secure website.

4. Your downloaded fb videos save directly to your phone or computer.

5. Watch faceboo video during downloading. You are able to watch fb video while you are downloading

6. It does not save any copy of your downloaded facebook video

7. It's a fast website.

8. No limit to download videos.

9. Do not need to log in or sign up to download fb videos

10. Multiquality Support. You can download facebook videos in hd, normal or sd quality

11. We always improve the downloader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Facebook Video Downloader ?

For downloading facebook videos you need a tool. And fbload provides you that freatures to download fb videos . And this is the best site for facebook video download .

Can I directly save fb videos to my phone?

Yes, You can download and save facebook videos directly to your mobile.

Can I download fb video from my computer ?

You can download and save facebook videos to your computer. If you are facing some problem please check 'How To' Section.

Where will the video be saved after downloading?

If your are using mobile phone then the default path should be 'Download' folder. For computer default path is "Download". It usually depends on what browser you are using and what is your settings. You can check browser's download histoy to find your downloaded videos.

Can I download HD facebook videos ?

Yes, You can download hd fb videos if it was uploaded in hd quality on facebook.

What is the highest video resolution?

It depends. It could be 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p or 280p.

Can I download private facebook videos ?

You can download some private facebook videos. But you can not download all private videos. If a facebook profile is locked then you can not download his/her videos. Besides you can download all videos.

How to watch videos here?

When your video is ready to download you can notice that your video is being loaded here. Just click on the video to watch the video.

Can I download facebook songs videos?

Yes! you can download song videos from facebook.

Can I download fb short videos ?

Yes! you candownload facebook short videos.

Is facebook video downloader free?

Yes, It is completely free. You can use it any time. We do not ask you for any donations.

Can I download live facebook videos using this fb downloader?

Yes! you can download live facebook video but after the video streaming is being finished. If it is not finished you can not download the full video.

Is facebook video downloader safe and secure?

Yes! This is completely safe and secure. We do not save your downloaded videos. We do not save your personal data. For more information you can see our privacy policy.

Can I use fb video downloader in all the browsers ?

Yes! You can use any of your favorite browser to download videos. Facebook video downloader works fine with all browsers.

Can I contact you if I having some problems ?

Yes you can contact us if you are facing some problems.


New Update (25.01.21) :- Added Facebook Short Video Downloader and Instagram Video Downloader . Added our facebook page .

New Update (13.01.21) :- We fixed video player issues. Also we fixed some bugs and added some new features. If you make some errors while you are downloading facebook videos, you can easily see your errors.

New Update (09.01.21) :- We added all features that you need. You will get three video dwonloading options (hd, normal, sd).