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Private Instagram Downloader

What is insload : Instagram private post downloader ?

Instagram private post downloader helps you to download instagram private videos and photos. You can not directly download and save ig private post / video / photo but using this web tool you can download all private posts from instagram.

How to download private video or photo from Instagram?

To download ig private post please follow our instructions.

** Log in to your instagram account from your computer.

click on three dots to copy instagram private post link
copy private post or video link
1.Copy instagram private post/ video/ photo link :-
  • You can copy video or photo link from url bar.
  • Or Click on 3 dots. And you can see Copy Link option. Click on that to copy the post link.
paste and copy view source insta link
2.Paste that ig private post's link :-
  • Enter that link on url bar (Enter private post link.)
  • And click on Copy to copy the new url with 'view-source'.
  • Now open a new tab on your browser. You can press (ctrl + t) to open a new tab of your browser.
view source code
copy source code
3. Enter new url on a new tab and copy source code :-
  • After opening a new tab just paste (ctrl + v) the new url on browser's url bar. And press enter.
  • Now you can see some text apers in front of you. This is the source code.
  • You need to copy that code.
  • Select all code. To select all code press ctrl + a
  • You selected all codes. Now copy that codes. Just press (ctrl + c) to copy all codes.
paste source code
Download instagram private video and photo
4. Paste source code and download private post :-
  • Now come back to
  • You can see here a textarea. Paste that source codes on textarea.
  • Click on blue Download button.
  • Now your post / video / image is ready to download.
  • Click on Download Photo or Download Video to download the post.

Features of Private Instagram Downloader.

Private instagram downloader helps you to download and save any private post/ video/ photo from instagram.

You do not need to log in or signup to download to ig private post.

It is easy to use. You can download easily from this too. If you are facing some problem you can follow our instructions to download and private video or photo.

Ig private post downloader is free, fast and secure

You can download multiple private feed posts/ videos/ photos and save them directly to your phone or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why use Instagram Private Video Downloader ?

You can not download instagram private videos or photos directly. This is Instagram Private Video & Photo Downloader . You can download any instagram private video, photo, reel or igtv from this site.

Can I download multiple instagram private posts?

Yes! You can download multiple private videos and photos from this downloader.

Can I download private user's profile picture from instagram?

Yes! you can download and save private user's profile pictures.

Can I download private instagram video or photo from phone ?

Yes, you can. But it is a long process to download from phone. Please use a pc to download private posts from instagram.

Is this downloader secure ?

Yes, It is a secure downloader tool. We care about your security. for more info read out privacy.

Where will the private video be saved after downloading?

The default path should be 'Download' folder. If you are unable to find your downloaded files please check your browser's downloading history.

Is Private Instagram video downloader free?

Yes. We give you free services. You download any from here for free.

Can I use instagram private downloader in all the browsers ?

Yes! You can use any of your favorite browser to download ig private videos, photos. But you need to log in to instagram from your browser. instagram private video & photo downloader works fine with all browsers.s

Can I contact you if I having some problems ?

Yes you can send us a mail if you are facing some problems.